About the Series

The Gospel Quartet Series aims to preserve and expand the tradition of quartet singing through a new approach to the gospel quartet concert model. Through the monthly concert series, we will present a unique performance concept where three groups take the stage and share their music ministry in an inspiring yet professionally designed manner.

Our goal is to structure the series with defined start and end times, offer our audience a variety of musical talent, and pay homage to the Southern gospel traditions and the experiences within.

All of the performances will take place in mid-town Memphis at a leading arts venue purposely designed with the performing arts and community in mind. The Kroc Center Performing Arts venue provides excellent sight lines, cutting edge audio visual technologies, and a comfortable environment. Combined with solid musicianship, the Gospel Quartet Series will showcase the best practices in audience engagement.

The inspiration for the series comes from its founder who grew up watching The Legendary Jolly Aires (a quartet group celebrating sixty years of quartet singing in September 2013) diligently prepare for their concerts.

“My first memory of quartet singing comes from an early age when I watched the fellas start their dress routine—the results were a stylishly dressed and well groomed group of men. Listening and feeling for the audience’s response, the quartet always gave them what they needed–upbeat songs that led to shouts of rejoice or steady tempo standards to encourage prayerful reflection.”

The core principles of The Gospel Quartet Series are to spread and share the gospel tradition while showcasing the beauty and passion of quartet singing.  Through The Gospel Quartet Series, we invite you to join us in extending the legacy, tradition, and power of quartet singing.

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