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The Bogard Brothers: Legends on stage at TGQS on July 28, 2013

In July, the Legendary Bogard Brothers of Memphis, TN will have
ministered for 50 years since the group’s formation in 1963. As
young men, the Bogard Brothers formed one of the most respected
groups in the region with an emerging national following resulting
from numerous engagements outside of Memphis. The Bogard Brothers
have recorded 11 singles and two albums over their illustrious
career.postcard-8inx10in-h-frontPerhaps the most important recorded single is the one recorded on the Bogard Brothers Records label–”One More Time”. Today, the Bogard Brothers span generations as the group now consists of two sons of one of the founding quartet members. With updated marketing and a refreshed image, The Bogard Brothers are a modern day lesson for how to build and sustain a quartet with a superb reputation.

The EchoAires of Moscow, TN perform on July 28, 2013 at The Gospel Quartet Series

The EchoAires of Moscow, TN are a refreshing twist in a traditional
genre. The quartet has emerged as a Memphis-area and Mid-South
region favorite. Paying homage to the quartet tradition, the
EchoAires are fearless when it comes to innovation. When we
conceived our tag line “Redefining the Gospel Quartet Experience”,
The EchoAires were a huge inspiration. echoaires2They are tireless innovators who continue to show genuine respect for their elders and for all of the quartet traditions. The EchoAires are preparing for a West Coast tour in August. We are delighted that the audience of The Gospel Quartet Series and the fans of the
EchoAires will have an opportunity to experience a showcase before they take off on their West Coast tour version of “I Got Shoes”.

The Gospel Quartet Series welcomes Men of Vision on July 28, 2013

More than just a traditional quartet group, Men of Vision of
Memphis, TN have distinguished themselves as one of Memphis’
emerging quartets. This family group began their journey in
2010 having ministered as musicians with national gospel artists.
Testimonies packaged into “spirit filled” songs is how Men of
Vision describe their ministry. MenOfVision With a contemporary sound, TGQS predicts that this group will be around for a very long time. Their debut project “Vision Chapter I” is the start of something very special. Their music demonstrates that these young men are ready beyond their years. The Gospel Quartet Series can’t wait for their appearance on our stage. Let’s hope that they can fit one of
our all time favorites “Sunday Morning Service,” into their program. That would be a special treat for the audience and the stage.